Financial Position

Financial Highlights – 2016-17

The deposit of the bank increased significantly from Rs. 71806.15 lakhs to Rs. 81253.91 lakhs, an increase of Rs. 9447.76 lakhs, and a growth of 13.16% over previous year. Bank’s low cost (CASA) deposit stood at 30.25%.

The salient financial features of the Bank for the year ended 31st March 2017 is summarized as under:

(Rupees in Lacs)

Mogaveera Bank



Growth and composition of deposits for the last 3 years are given below:

(Rupees in Lacs)

Mogaveera Bank


During the year the advances increased from Rs. 36098.83 lakhs to Rs. 38455.87 lakhs an increase of Rs. 2357.04 lacs and a growth of 6.53% over the previous year.

The purpose wise classification of loans and advances outstanding as on 31/03/2017.

(Rupees in Lacs)

Mogaveera Bank

Share Capital & Membership

During the year your Bank has admitted 826 new members. After deletion of 514 members who have ceased to be members on account of death, resignation and transfer of shares, the total membership stood at 46663 at the end of the current year as against 46351 in the previous year. Nominal membership stood at 3157 as against 3141 members last year.

Reserve and Other Funds

Your Bank’s Reserves and other funds as on 31/03/2017 vis-à-vis 31/03/2016 are as under:

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